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Eleanor Roosevelt’s High Expectations Regarding Madame Chiang Kai-shek
by Tim Sheehan

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The Cairo Conference
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Plans for her China trip were shelved, but Eleanor Roosevelt hoped to meet Madame Chiang at the Cairo Conference set to take place in November 1943. Once again, FDR quashed her hopes by saying her attendance would be inappropriate. Trude Pratt informed her beau Joseph Lash that FDR said to ER no women were to be at Cairo. However, Madame Chiang attended the Cairo Conference, as did Sara Churchill, the British Prime Minister’s daughter.(87)

The President’s actions infuriated Eleanor Roosevelt. She felt left out. In her response to FDR’s 18 November 1943 letter from Cairo, ER reminded her husband that she would have liked to seen Madame Chiang more than he would have since he couldn’t tolerate the Generalissimo’s wife. ER found it ironic that news photos showed the President and Madame Chiang Kai-shek having a pleasant conversation. (88) ER wrote the following to Madame Chiang: “I would so much have liked to be there too, but it was not possible.” She kept the reason to herself.(89)

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